Latex Binders for Fiber Bonding Applications

High-quality, low-VOC latex binders for functional nonwovens from Trinseo can improve performance and processing efficiencies.

Trinseo binders for diverse functional nonwoven applications heighten product performance while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our low-VOC, low-odor, and formaldehyde-free solutions deliver excellent processability for more cost-effective operations. 

As a global leader in latex binder solutions, we bring proven, high-performance technology, along with strong local manufacturing and technical support, to our customers. 

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Latex Binders for Geogrid Applications - Safer, More Durable & Environmentally Friendly

Latex Binders for Geogrid Applications - Safer, More Durable & Environmentally Friendly

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Adhesives and Construction Brochure

Adhesives and Construction Brochure

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Abrasives and Pads Improved properties and processability Our expanded portfolio, including new grades based on self-cross-linking polymers, delivers the high-temperature performance and chemical and water resistance required for specific abrasive applications.
Decorative Lowest VOC levels – ideal for indoor use Trinseo offers low-VOC solutions that ensure high UV and water resistance and excellent printability for a variety of interior applications.
Filtration Distinct performance profiles Styrene butadiene latex products from Trinseo provide distinct high-performance chemical resistance and removal efficiency profiles for automotive filtration.
Footwear Improved durability Binders from Trinseo act as stiffeners and thermo-moldable polymers for insoles, heels, and other shoe components, enhancing the waterproofing characteristics of cellulosic or synthetic fiber substrates.
Glass Fiber Reinforcements Performance and variability Available in formaldehyde-free variations and a range of stiffness and softness attributes, Trinseo products ensure high alkali resistance, processability, and quality consistency for exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), mortar/plaster, and road reinforcements.
Roofing Performance and value Trinseo’s binders offer high performance, resin flexibility, and more sustainable formulations, including formaldehyde-free systems, for long-term value.

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